So good news I’m on GIPHY, my handle is searchable (@zeeisdigital) and so my GIFs are visible. They’re usable with apps that have it integrated, so think Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, TikTok, etc. The only thing missing is the cherry on top. I’m sort of in the artist program, but sort of not. It’s limbo because I don’t have a blue checkmark. I think it might take a real long while before I start hitting the 1M mark as most of the artists I’ve seen that have a checkmark are up there in number. At least that’s been my experience since I’ve never hit 1M in anything.

Anywho, here’s a sample of some of the GIF stickers. I’ll put this somewhere in the portfolio and maybe with winter happening in a few months, I’ll take on commissions or requests. So if you read this. Thanks for the support.

Giphy profile link is below: