Update #9: eLearning on the menu, plus updates on Canva, Discord and other projects

Wow, 2 more months until the end of 2022. It’s going by really quick.

There’s been a lot happening recently. One of those things is that I recently joined a networking group call Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup. It’s really great, and it’s a nice way of meeting ladies in different fields, unwind and just talk. Each of the experts there give good insight and the owner of the networking events is great. She’s got regular members and VIP members, so highly recommend checking the networking events out.

So other then that, I’ve done a few things:

  • I put back up eLearning tab! Yay! Finally getting back to teaching. This time though, I will try to do “bigger” classes. Not the greatest public speaker, but I do like teaching. I’m giving this a shot on Zoom to host classes for 30 – 50 people, I don’t expect it to reach those numbers, since I more promote 1-on-1’s. I still want to give this a shot for all of 2023 though. Sign up for class updates for launching dates.
    • We have a few classes that’ll be free and paid
    • I’m still offering 1-on-1s. None of them would be free, I am considering VOD (Video on Demand) or having them hosted on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy and the like.
    • Also, not sure if I will have resources under there, treat the resources I put under the eLearning tab as separate from other resources, or just have some duplicates in a resource tab. But something that I’m thinking about for sure.
  • Canva approved 2 emote sets that I did. You can check them out here: canva.com/p/zeeisdigital
  • Discord is slowly coming along. It will be ready before classes, or at least the foundation will be.

Another major thing to not is that I’ll be doing an interview with Marketing Muse Inc.. We’d probably just talk about Canva mostly. We’ll see how that goes, I might have a few stumbles, but that’s okay. It’ll be my first ever and some of the experience I have being a panelist should help.

So there you have it. Now we’re all caught up.

Update #8: So much ground to cover, newer things to come!

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by and always supporting me. There’s been some newer things happening in my life. On a first note… FINALLY! I’m a Canva Creator! Woot! So I’m very happy for that. I know it’s a bit of a default since Canva did a whole boat load of new stuff. That’s something I’ll be feeding in through in the Articles section. So that’s something.

I feel like this post is going to be long if I don’t make this all in bullet points.

  • Canva Contributor is now Canva Elements Creator which is also recognized as Canva Creator, am applying for Canva Templates Creator too.
  • The site is getting a different kind of portfolio refresh. While I’ll still be doing art and adding it here from time to time. The focus is definitely shifting more to a creative resource website. I’m all for giving as much creative power to those who seek it for themselves or on a budget and need resources to do it themselves.
  • The art request form is gone, because I won’t be taking on art trades and commissions for a while.
  • I’ll still offer private tutoring for specific programs, but I’ll be adding VOD-like classes and group workshops to the eLearning structure. I’ll re-populate in the menu once the new page is done.
  • I’m building a community Discord channel. Slowly getting into the process of it. Didn’t feel like there was a need for one, but I’ll be having the Classroom Office Hours there. So I’ll be sharing a link soon in the menu.
  • The shop, as you guys know, I’m redoing the shop and I’m redoing the freebies. All the digital assets, presets, LUTs, templates and other digital things will be structured. I think I’m going to be retiring some of the digital products or redo them so they’re suitable for use and have better instructions.
  • That’s pretty much it. Other than a tiny change. @zeeisdigital is still my handle. But after thinking about it, my handle is going to be my studio name. So it’s registered as Zee Is Digital Studio because there’s a lot more happening than me sharing my art.

So the TL;DR of this all, tons of website changes and things that I’ll be offering and slight re-branding for the site.

Benefits of a virtual office or virtual mailboxes for small businesses

Benefits of a virtual office or virtual mailboxes for small businesses

To anyone running small businesses, you may find that you’re giving out your home address a lot more frequently. You’re using your home address to sign up for other businesses and their services, as well as, receiving items that are for your business. You could also be the type to go to a lot of meetings during random times of the day, unable to accept packages, which means waiting in line at your local post office.

There are a couple of solutions to this though, but the best one I’ve found is to set up a virtual office space or virtual mailbox that you can afford. A basic plan should be roughly $20 – $60 USD. Which is a couple of cups of a fancy coffee from your favourite café.

If you aren’t convinced about getting one or still on the fence. Here are a couple of use cases or reasons why you would want one.

Reasons why you might want a virtual office or virtual mailbox

You own a small, but growing, home business and want to protect your privacy.

You would rather your business mail be separate from your personal mail, a place to pick up important business documents that you can’t afford to go missing or be missed.

Depending on a virtual office, you have someone to act as a personal secretary to accept your mail/packages and take on messages for you.

Location perception – make your office look like it’s got that big city, downtown vibe. This makes sense for businesses that are just outside of a large city, want to expand their business into or want to connect with anyone within the city.

PO boxes are usually not accepted as a business address and are not seen as a reputable professional address. Also, some specific businesses need a physical address to sign up or have more sensitive and timely items too.

Options for virtual offices/virtual mailboxes

Note that a majority of the recommended companies are US/Canada only. It takes a second to search and find some local virtual mailboxes with any online search engine, like Google. It’s also not unheard of to have more than one location for the virtual office/virtual mailbox. Especially if you’re looking to reach into different places and position yourself to have your business represented or emerge at a specific location.

  • UPS (virtual mailbox only)
    *Just to note they aren’t presenting themselves as a virtual mailbox, but they basically are doing that and this is the most accessible for anyone in Canada and the US
    • Located: Canada & US
    • Package acceptance of all carriers
    • Package notifications
    • Call-in MailCheck
    • Different mailbox sizes (great for crafters and wholesale buyers of products)
  • Spaces.
    • International
    • Mail handling
    • Telephone handling and redirecting
    • Access to meeting rooms wherever you go
  • Regus
    • International
    • Offer 3 plans: Professional Address, Virtual Office and Virtual Office Plus
    • Mail handling and mail forwarding
    • Ability to reserve meeting rooms
  • Virtual Post Mail (virtual mailbox only)
    • Location: US-only
    • Mail handling
    • Monthly mail scanning available
    • Check deposit, shipping
  • Eureka Hub
    • Location: Ontario (Canada) and California (US)
    • Mail & package handling
    • Book limited conference room usage (2 hours)


  • Anytime Mail (virtual mailbox only)
    • International
    • Multiple locations setup by individual mailbox owners
    • Opening and scanning services
    • Mail-forwarding

So there you have it. Whether or not you need a virtual mailbox or virtual offices now. You are least informed about it and know a couple of businesses running them, you can now keep your home and business separate, and you can also be sure that someone is definitely taking in your business mail for you.

This is an x-posted article from Copy Good Content and can be viewed here: copygoodcontent.com/benefits-of-a-virtual-office-or-virtual-mailboxes-for-small-businesses

Update #7: Site and online store on hiatus, Canva Zodiac set is done, freelancing, and health

That is probably one of my longest titles. Feel free to treat that as the TL;DR for this update.

So this site is now in hiatus, this also means that the request form and shop is in hiatus mode too. I will also be disabling the Gumroad store. All of that is temporary though and I will resume once my scheduling gets better. Everything is on pause due to health reasons and because I’ve been busy freelancing outside of my normal 9-5, don’t know how long that will be (also working on a secret project).

Other than that, I’ve recently had some new items added into my Canva Contributor profile page (still working on becoming a Canva Creator). I’ll update an image in the next update that I make. Hopefully with better news,

Canva Contributor Portfolio so far – link